DBIC Singapore Innovation Program Final Demo Day

The DBIC Singapore Innovation Program Final Demo Day was held on 15 October 2019.

The DBIC programme was an initiative organised by DBIC and hosted by AIRmaker. A number of teams from Japan were invited to Singapore for five months to undergo innovation programme, including the piloting of solutions to address the following challenges in Singapore:

  • The unemployment rate of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) is 70-90 percent
  • 95 percent of independent musicians are undiscovered and struggle to make a living through music
  • 40 percent of the people dine alone but 30 percent of them don’t want to dine alone
  • Relying on “goodwill” of the people to recycle and no tangible benefit for those who recycle


At the end of the pilots, DBIC hosted a demo day to showcase the solutions.

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