Our Startups


Aerspace is a motion analytics specialist, solving in-patient falls in hospitals and nursing homes

Brain Dynamics

Brain Dynamics provides a speech generating device which is controlled by brain signals for severely disabled people who are paralyzed and unable to speak, to communicate with their family, nurse, doctor, and caregiver.

Clef Tech

Clef Tech provides an acoustic leakage detection system with non-invasive installations for liquid or gas pipelines.


Docturnal is a non-invasive Point of Care diagnostics and screening provider for Tuberculosis, Diabetic Retinopathy under the umbrella of Telemedicine leveraging Mobility and Machine/Deep Learning.


Eyedentify creates automotive IOT solutions that provide fail-safe in-vehicle security for drivers and commuters via robust intelligent design

Integral Industrial International

III offers a non-invasive sensor that can be magnetically attached to electric motors to track and analyse the temperature and vibration patterns to achieve predictive maintenance.


Mertani offers AIRI, a wireless, solar powered, automatic irrigation system with hybrid algorithms that enables precise distribution of water to horticulture and palm oil plants by understanding the actual needs of the crops.


Modcast offers an IoT-enabled customisable orthopaedic cast to enable precision care, quick and better patient recovery, as well as visibility in the healing and recovery process. Modcast also offers its own inner lining of biocompatible viscoelastic polyurethane foam.


OCEO is an IoT-enabled smart water purifier. With OCEO, one can be assured of availability of affordable and safe drinking water with real time quality monitoring


OWiN is an IoT-based commerce platform that provides connected car experiences. With a cigar jack power-based Beacon, users can assign identities to their cars and enjoy seamless on-the-go purchases.

Praktice AI

Praktice AI uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to help hospitals in treating more patients with the same resources while giving a better patient experience.

Save Mom

Savemom brings together hospitals and patients by providing wearable-based connected solutions, thus paving a path for predictive healthcare systems.


SGLAB provides a long range low power private and secured wireless network that supports the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in areas underserved by commercial wireless communication providers.


SitRight is a smart seat cover that enforces correct sitting posture and reduces the negative effects of prolonged sitting.


SmartClean is an end-to-end solution for Facility Managers, with real-time monitoring and alerting by intelligent algorithms which evaluate toilet cleanliness, to standardize cleaning operations and ensure clean toilets at all times.


StaTwig uses IoT and blockchain to track and trace products from manufacturers to customers to identify the inefficiencies in the supply chain and fix them

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