About Us

Our Vision

AIRmaker to become the leading international platform for AIoT Innovations

Our Story

We were established in 2016 along with our founding partners, Ascendas Innovation, Runyang Group & SGInnovate, with the vision to be ground for AIoT Innovations. We invested in IoT (Internet-of-Things) start-ups focusing in Digital Health and Smart Cities segments. One of our core strategies is to develop a network of corporate partners, research Institutions and Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) centres that would come together to co-innovate.

However, in 2018, we expanded our mandate to leverage our extensive Asian corporate network to curate and connect makers and markets through our Urban Innovation Challenges. We were also tasked to operate the Smart Urban Co-Innovation Laboratory.

Our Mission

1 To catalyse industry transformation by addressing innovation demands of key players from our 4 initial focus industry verticals: 1) Smart Cities, 2) Advanced Manufacturing, 3) Digital Healthcare and 4) Agritech, Food & Nutrition

2 To facilitate and promote cross-border technology exchange across Asia and beyond, enabling innovations to achieve a global impact

3 To build a vibrant AIoT Innovation Community where innovators, corporations, government agencies, investors, manufacturers and professional service providers interact and co-innovate

Where We Are