1. Post Covid Virtual Meeting

Background of Current Process & Challenge Statement

In view of current Covid-19 situation, there is an increasing need to improve online meeting conditions for seamless integration with remote participants so as to mitigate the desire to meet physically.

Today, online meetings can be carried out via various virtual meeting applications. However, different meeting participants may have different preference based on individual company policies and familiarity of usage. The integration across different applications can pose a challenge.

In situations when meeting participants are working from home or construction site office, external background noise may pose as disturbance to the meeting. Poor audio quality is also an issue where participants fail to voice their comments clearly during the meeting. In addition, participants often do not realise that either they are muted, voice are too soft or wireless earpieces have been disconnected.

In the construction sector, sharing of material samples are frequently needed for review before decisions are made. This poses a huge issue when meetings are conducted online.


  • A software platform that allows users of different virtual meeting applications to meet without using the same application.
  • It should complement and integrate with existing video/conference call platforms (E.g. Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom) easily.
  • The software or hardware required should be easy to install to existing laptop, desktop and phone’s operating system.
  • The software should be downloadable through a webpage or can be sent over an email invite.
  • Online meetings to be carried out anytime and anywhere, regardless of the surrounding conditions of the meeting participants.
  • Participants to be notified when their speech is impeded.
  • All unnecessary background noise should be cancelled out during the meeting.
  • Participants of the online meeting should be able to voice their comments clearly regardless of the presence of background noise.
  • It should allow sharing of files that maybe a few hundred megabytes in size.
  • The sharing of material samples online should allow good physical visualization to convey the size, colour, weight, rigidity, texture and other physical features of the samples.
  • Platform should run on 3G, 4G and also 5G without lag.

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