10. Wide coverage air sanitization solutions

Background of Current Process & Challenge Statement

Air sanitization is an area of interest post COVID19.  However, the current solutions are mainly effective only in enclosed areas (such as lifts) or has small coverage areas.  In commercial buildings where main lobbies are large in size and could be up to 4 storeys high (e.g. where there is an atrium design), current air sanitization solutions are not able to be deployed effectively.

Desired Outcomes

Wide coverage air sanitization solutions suitable for deployment in both small, enclosed space as well as spaces (such as office lobbies) that are more open with large air volume


  • To manage air-borne pathogens and pollutants within building.
  • Continuous monitoring system that confirms that air sanitization is effective via relevant sensors and displays.
  • Form factor that is suitable for deployment in office buildings.
  • Caters for high ceilings and partially enclosed lobby areas.
  • Minimal disruption to existing infrastructure.
  • Complies with safety standards.
  • Energy efficient with low carbon footprint.

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