11. Surface sanitization solutions

Background of Current Process & Challenge Statement

It is important to ensure environmental hygiene through regular cleaning of places, especially high touch surfaces, so as to minimize the risk of transmission of pathogens across community.  High touch surfaces are currently treated with microbial coating but these only last approximately 6 months.   Testing of efficacy is also episodic.   There is a need for new surface sanitization solution.


  • Is long lasting, with life span beyond 3 years.
  • Has ability for real time degradation detection and be able to pipe data in devices such as signages/ mobile apps.
  • Has ability for users to tangibly visualize the protection.
  • Can be deployed in outdoor spaces.
  • Continuous monitoring system that confirms that protection is still effective.
  • Able to be deployed on wide variety of surface materials – stone, acrylic, plastic, metal etc.
  • Able to be deployed with minimum training of cleaning staff.
  • Can be applied with normal personal protective equipment and is safe for the cleaning staff.
  • To demonstrate efficacy and safety via listing of active ingredients and provision of trial evidences.

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