14. Navigation / Wayfinding

Background of Current Process & Challenge Statement

To seek technologies that facilitate seamless navigation from outdoor to sheltered areas or even multistorey indoor spaces. System is to come with innovative positioning system to enable navigation of route with display of directions, contextualized points of interest along the defined paths.


-Accurate deployment of technologies, e.g. contextual Augmented Reality (AR)

-Infrastructure-less positioning system

-Inertial Navigation System (INS) as a possible technology which does not require any deployment of expensive equipment or infrastructure.

-Leverage on sensors that are available in mobile devices, e.g. gyroscope and accelerometer to provide decent estimation of the user position.

-To consider various site factors (barrier-free access at the void deck level, location of sheltered walkways, etc.)

-Advancement in various technologies are to be leveraged upon to provide mobility-challenged users with their preferred routes.

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