3. Drones for Facade & Site Inspection

Background of Current Process & Challenge Statement

Facades of buildings are subjected to weathering as they aged. As façade deteriorates, there is risk of façade elements breaking and falling.  To improve public safety, the Periodic Façade inspection regime was introduced during 2020 in Singapore.  Periodic inspection of facades is meant to detect potential issues with the facades, including deteriorating façade materials, cracks in tiles and connections, etc.

In pre-COVID-19 environment, inspections will typically involve multiple meetings to plan and execute key activities like project milestones definition, stakeholders and inspection team coordination, etc.  In current COVID-19 situation, most of the above-mentioned activities are  reduced or performed remotely, resulting in significant delays in the inspection process.

There is a need to adopt commercially viable drone solution to address the inspection requirements.


  • To minimize safety risk that are involved when human inspectors have to scale heights to inspect building facilities.
    • To conduct façade inspection thoroughly and accurately
    • Detecting and alerting of all façade elements that are of concerned.
    • To detect damages that are hidden from view.
  • To cater for different façade materials, tiles and connections.
  • To minimize disruption to on-going business activities in buildings.
  • To facilitate remote coordination among all key stakeholders and inspection team.
  • To develop cost effective business model
  • To multi-purpose drones and associated infrastructure for other use cases.
  • To describe technological advancement and business models of other use cases.
  • Open platform that allow data collected to be integrable with digital twin products, etc.
  • Minimum infrastructure to be setup.
  • Secured.
  • Short turnaround time for generation of inspection reports

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