4. Contactless Floor Selection in Lifts

Background of Current Process & Challenge Statement

Currently the lift floor selection panel is one of the highest touch areas in a property. We are looking for a solutions to allow users to select floors without pressing lift buttons so as to reduce potential pathogen transmissions.

The problem is further complicated by our security policy that requires guests in our lodging properties to authenticate themselves by scanning their room keycards before the floor selection panel is activated. The same applies to some of the office buildings where tenants have to scan their access card before the floor selection panel will be activated.


  • A solution to allow guests/ tenants to select their respective floors without any contact with the surfaces of lift button panels.
  • Solution should take into account need to authenticate via room keycards/ building access cards.
  • Solution should allow for multiple users to interact with the lift controls at the same time, without the need to be in close proximity to others. This means that solutions with only a single input location will not be considered.
  • Support different makes of lifts.
  • Cost effective.
  • Complies with safety standards.
  • To demonstrate efficacy and safety via provision of trial evidences.

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