7. Minimized Contact In-room Experience – Hospitality

Background of Current Process & Challenge Statement

Due to COVID19, guests are taking greater precautions in avoiding unnecessary contact when staying in our services apartments. This applies to even private spaces within the apartments. Ascott would like to explore the possibility of a minimised contact in-room experience where surface contact of high touch areas can be reduced as much as possible. Examples of high touch areas are like TV remotes, light switches, pantries, fridge doors, A/C control, etc.

Desired Outcomes

  • Minimised contact in-room experience for our guests.


  • A minimised contact in-room experience for our guests.
  • Simple to use and to maintain.
  • Should not result in a detriment to our guests’ experience.
  • Minimal modification to existing infrastructure.
  • Support safety standards and inter-operability standards.

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