Challenge Statement 4 – Automated External Facade Cleaning


Periodic external façade cleaning is carried out by manpower certified to work at heights, commonly with the use of a rope access, lift, gondola or scaffolding system. These methods mostly require the setting up of bulky equipment, clearance space for the equipment, training for the cleaners as well as on site supervision. The cleaners manually assess the cleanliness of the façade, before deciding on the usage of designated cleaning products to address specific stains.


  • Ability to assess cleanliness of façade
  • Ability to clean different façade materials
  • Ability to clean hard to reach areas
  • Ability to recognize and avoid obstacles
  • Ability to function in differing climates


Fully or semi automated equipment are used in external façade cleaning to eliminate or reduce manpower required, reduce cleaning time and cost, and allow for ad-hoc cleaning.

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