Cybersecurity for Smart Estate Next Generation Data Centres


Data Centres are the most important element in any Smart Estate initiatives. Smart Estates utilize data to make urban environments intelligent,thus improve the quality of life. As the key piece of the infrastructure to meet the demands, data centres play critical roles in not only storage and exchange of data, but also the curation and protection of data. Security policies,precautions and processes have to be adopted to avoid resources in data centres from being compromised. This is especially challenging with the advent of new technologies like AIoT and 5G which facilitates edge computing and distributed data hosting model for next generation data centres


  • Minimal infrastructure preparation, non-invasive
  • Ability for installed devices (if any) to function continuously for extended periods of time
  • Compliance with international standards (including Certified Information Security System Professional, Common Body of Knowledge, International Organization for standardization, Risk Management Framework (RMF)
  • Automated detection of anomalies and continuous self-learning capability
  • Integration with new Digital Twin Dashboard
  • Cost effective
  • To be applicable for other smart buildings and facilities
  • To leverage on computational resource of Singapore base data centre, high performance computing and network resources in the development and piloting of such digital twins and related software applications and algorithms


To seek analytics-rich technologies (devices, software applications, cloud services, etc.) that can identify, protect, detect, respond and recover against cybersecurity risks, including internal threats and sabotages, to the systems of data centres.

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