Challenge Statement 11 – Digitalization and process integration for Construction projects


Construction projects have been managed largely manually. Technical challenges specific to the construction sector have a role in the slow pace of digitization. And given the varying sophistication levels of smaller construction firms that often function as subcontractors, building new capabilities at scale is another challenge. However, none of this is going to get easier. Projects are ever more complex and larger in scale. The growing demand for environmentally sensitive construction means traditional practices must change. And the shortage of skilled labour and supervisory staff will only get worse. These are deep issues that require new ways of thinking and working.


Effective solutions to current & future challenges of construction industry. Some of key processes may include:

  1. Design tools that allow smoother and quick design formulation and collaboration
  2. Procurement solutions that allow buyers to get the best possible vendors and prices
  3. Digitalize construction site management and monitoring
  4. Better integration of design/procure/construction


Better construction project performance in term of time, cost and quality Technologies are needed to improve specific processes in the development project cycle and integration is needed for better performance in project time, cost and quality.

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