Challenge Statement 6 – Interactive Meeting Spaces


Traditional meeting spaces today mainly provide basic facilities including projectors and screens. Some newer meeting spaces are equipped with digital whiteboards and conference phones. Such facilities often require maintenance and updates of hardware and software, and a compatible space setup to install them. Existing equipment also do not support integration with other systems. As a result, preparation time is often required prior to a meeting. Remote participants may have to deal with less interactions. Post meeting, the sharing of minutes and meeting materials is also time consuming.


Meeting technology setup that support cross platforms and operating systems for participants within a meeting space or remotely to access the display, communication and materials for a meeting.

  1. Interactive digital whiteboard that allow access to remote or in room participants to perform input to be display during a discussion concurrently.
  2. Interactive digital whiteboard that allow participants to refer materials stored within cloud to be amend on the whiteboard during the discussion, amendment made to be made available real time.
  3. By the end of the meeting, meeting notes, materials, whiteboard drawing and video/voice recording to be store and share online automatically to be refer by participants easily at single location.


Meeting spaces that allow for effective meetings to start quickly and punctually, equipped with technology to improve meeting participant engagement, physically and remotely, including the sharing of materials during and after the meeting.

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