Challenge Statement 7 – Traffic Monitoring System


Estimation of traffic flow is currently based on the number of vehicles passing through a road section at a time. When viewed from the perspective of an industrial park owner, there is insufficient information about the traffic patterns as traffic flow can include tenants, visitors, pick up/drop off vehicles, and vehicles going through the park as part of their driving route. Without specific information on the classifications and volume of various types of vehicles contributing to the traffic flow, redevelopment efforts of the part and new initiatives fail to be designed to solve the root issues.


Ability to count, segment and analyse vehicles coming into and through the park

  1. Ability to detect congestion
  2. For the optimisation of resources, deployment and employment of container recognition and transmission systems will reduce and minimise human engagement and errors.
  3. Development of a Centralised Complimentary Parking System(CCPS) which is on an E platform that can be integrated with our current ACCESS(Ascendas Singbridge Centralised Carpark Electronic System) that will be able to purchase, create, disseminate/issuance, account and reconcile complimentary parking activities.
  4. Design, develop and test bed a Video Parking Guidance and Enforcement System(VPGES). The solution has to be able to guide motorists to the nearest available parking lots efficiently while identifying indiscriminate parking with the use of analytics and escalating such violations automatically in accordance to escalation rules.


A clear overview and analysis of traffic patterns in a science park to aid in the design of effective car lite initiatives for the appropriate target groups.

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